Tina Maria James  (Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher)

Tina is the owner director of Loka Yoga  here in Whistler, and is  an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and is known for her chanting, choreographic sequencing, and knowledge of the subtle body. Widely considered to be a "teacher's teacher," she transmits the Jivamukti lineage as a mentor at the Jivamukti teacher training and running many of her own teacher trainings over the last 10 years.


Tina’s class’s are infused with humor, a vigorous practice, as well as major rehab for serious injuries, and a different approach to assisting for total self-transformation.


Incorporating vigorous flow sequences, along with an integration of yogic philosophy, chanting, and strong emphasis on activism and ethical vegetarianism, Tina’s classes create a shift in perception where magic rises. Each of her dynamic and vigorous classes inspires students to honor and connect to body and spirit. Students regularly note the playful element of her classes and her deep sense of humor. She is known for her impassioned, unique teachings & dynamic classes, with attention to detail, precise alignment and a strong sense of empowerment.


Tina has a clear vision of a community where knowledge and spiritual activism could create a space of healing, whilst working with indigenous cultures side by side to re-create ancient rituals and ceremonies.


Tina works on whistler ski patrol and is a keen alpine mountaineer, all her inspiration comes from the mountains and the wild and all the beings that inhabit this beautiful blue planet.


Tina humbly offers reverence and gratitude to her Gurus Sharon Gannon-ji and David-ji, for their attention to detail, courage, political activism and radical natures, wisdom, guidance and pure love.


To her parents who words cannot suffice; her sons for their true love and support always; Tina’s life practices are integrated with ancient healing, yoga, adventure, animal activism,  Veganism, planetary awareness and political action.


To her first teacher Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and his son Manju Jois, and direct lineage from Jivamukti to Shri Brahmanada Sarasvati, Shri Swami Nirmalananda and Shri K. Pattabhi Jois.


To all her yoga students of the past and present who come to their mat and show up unapologetically. This method of yoga brings out all that is perfect in both teachers and students, so that we may see this perfection in others.


And most of all knowing that: “The fork can be a powerful weapon of mass destruction or a tool to create peace on earth”. –Sharon Gannon.

Frederique Levesque (Jvamukti Yoga Teacher)

Freddy's passion and love of Yoga and ancient teaching's has been growing since she became engrossed in the Ashtanga Practice in Whistler BC, in  early 2000.

She has studio Hatha Yoga  with her mentor and teacher Tina James to become a 200 hour yoga alliance Shantiseva teacher in 2010.

With a strong desire to be a servant of peace for all beings,

Following her teachers linage Freddy finally became a 300 hour Jivamukti teacher 2012.


 Freddy is a truly an inspirational teacher following her spiritual path and love of Nature, she gives Thanks to Sharon-Ji    David-ji  founders of the Jivamukti method and Tina james her friend and teacher who is honored to have shared the teachings with such a  powerful holy being.


 Victoria Lopez (Jivamukti Yoga Teacher)

Victoria is grateful and blessed to be learning and teaching alongside her beloved teachers, Tina James and Sarah Cutfield,  whom she completed her 200 hour Shantiseva Teacher Training with. She has learned that the study of yoga is a sacred movement that strengthens the beautiful connection with the divine. Like the teachers before her, she is devoted to sharing her love and passion for this practice of strengthening and exploring the mind-body-soul connection to those around her, both on and off the mat.

Victoria is now a certified  300 hour Jivamukti teacher 2013.

 Laurisa Ledger

Laurisa feels deeply blessed to share and practice this gift of yoga. Breath by breath and moment to moment, listening and learning being and breathing, to connect with ourselves so that we may embrace deeper connections in all aspects of our lives. Laughing, creating ,sunshine and snowstorms, bike rides, snowboarding and a deep love of the quiet calm of nature all inspire her to unite with that ever elusive inner stillness

that resides within us all. Join her on the mat as you embrace your inner stillness through attention to breath and access your playful side through creative sequencing and perhaps a laugh or two! Namaste


Adam Tittley (Jivamukti Yoga Teacher)

I first came to yoga as a form of sport injury rehab, however once introduced, I began down a path from which I could never stray. With years of on going personal practice, I completed my 300+ hour Jivamukti teacher training in 2013. Yoga keeps me honest, open, and nurtures my spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Practice can be hard, but there is beauty and liberation through the struggle. It prepares me for and guides me through life, and is a constant reminder of our Oneness. It strengthens my connection to nature, and so an energetic connection to all beings. And it's a great compliments snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and all my other activities.

like to bring an adventurous and playful to side to class. With music, mantra work, chanting and meditation, I strive to create a safe and encouraging space to laugh, try, fall, break and grow. After all, we are all one, so why not do it together? Besides, yoga is fun. And I like fun stuff. So come play.

Nicole Pead

Nicole's first experiences with yoga were in the womb, as her mother, was practicing yoga to connect with the growing child inside of her and to connect to the earth and it's surrounding elements upon which her child would laugh, cry and grow..

In 1996 Nicole found her footing in an asana class in Toronto, Ont., When she left that studio she now describes that moment as finally feeling the earth beneath her feet... Feeling connected, encouraged her, to participate in many styles and studios. She believes "whatever style, studio, or teacher of yoga that you have available to you, you will always find a beautiful gift of energy or a sutra to experience in your heart, a new lesson or seed of information to be written on your soul and in each teacher be it in a classroom or a warm breeze that brushes your face, well, each of these teachers has their distinct individual  voice that has bounties to offer.... So listen."

After being taught time and time again to dedicate her practice to all past, present and future teachers as well as acknowledging the teacher within (that is too often ignored), Nicole again felt that feeling of finding her footing and is so thankful to those animate and inanimate who so generously contributed to the decision to take her teachers training.

In 2010 Nicole took her Shantiseva RYT 200 hr certificate here in whistler BC with Tina James, Tanya Di Valentino and Rya Letham along with a handful of spirited local beings whose presence during the training offered light where shadows once were present. Shanti = Peace, Seva= Service Shantiseva.... To be practiced in the here and now, whether it be in the studio, our parks and mountains, or our community.

So hug a tree, watch a slug slowly cross your path, enjoy the clouds and be conscious of your surroundings and the impact we have on the earth and those around us, and most of all breathe LOVE ..because....

"when our paths cross I hope to shine a light as bright as the light I see in you!"

" I will offer up my practice both asana and my daily life in all it happiness and sadness to the Devine and Mother Earth... I will practice in humility and gratitude... May I be the passenger and just witness this moment."

... Until the next time we get to exchange a smile,